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the Neuroinflammation & Endogenous Repair (lab)...Oh yeah. 

The Gensel Laboratory

Department of Physiology

University of Kentucky Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center

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We are always on the lookout for talented scientist to join our research group and have Some positions available 

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In the Neuroinflammation & Endogenous Repair Lab, we are interested in understanding the biological mechanisms that regulate central nervous system inflammation. Neuroinflammation is a common feature of nervous system disorders, our goal is to manipulate this response to promote repair following spinal cord and brain injury.

We welcome students interested in gaining research experience while at the university of Kentucky

Gensel Lab awarded new grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation (August 2017). 

Timothy Kopper awarded Fellowship for the Neurobiology of CNS Injury and Repair T32 training grant (July 2017). 

New publication in Journal of Neuroscience Research (July 2017)

Michael Orr awarded the College of Medicine Fellowship for Excellence in Graduate Research (June 2017). 

New publication in Elife (May 2017)

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