Graduate Researchers  (limited positions available, rotations welcome)

I believe a successful graduate career is based upon doing engaging science but more importantly upon the mentoring/lab environment. Doing cutting edge, exciting science without proper support can be challenging. Every member of our group is committed to creating a supportive, team environment. If you are interested in learning more about the lab through a research rotation, please send me an e-mail gensel.1@uky.edu introducing yourself and attach (1) a CV with names of three references and (2) a written statement (~1 page) that summarizes your current research interests/ideas, your idealized goal after completing a graduate degree, and why you think the NERO lab is a good place to reach those goals. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Dissertation committee membership. I am happy to serve on dissertation committees and believe that selecting the right mentors can greatly enhance your graduate experience. I ask to meet with students prior to joining a committee and discuss his/her project to make sure that I am a suitable counsel. Also I ask that we have monthly meetings to facilitate feedback about your thesis project throughout your career if I join your committee.  Please contact me if you would like discuss your committee.

Prospective Postdoctoral Researchers  (limited availability)

We have a number of funded projects examining neuroinflammation after trauma and we seek creative minds to help understand how inflammation may be contributing to wound repair of the injured central nervous system. We utilize a number of in vivo and in vitro techniques to both characterize and manipulate the inflammatory response to spinal cord and brain injury. Complementing our laboratory, the Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center at the University of Kentucky maintains a strong research focus on CNS trauma. As a part of the center, we have access to core facilities and staff with expertise in animal behavior, surgery, molecular techniques, viral applications, and imaging. These resources provide the ideal collaborative environment for basic science and translational research.

We seek individuals with backgrounds in neuroscience, CNS trauma, inflammation, immunology, aging, biology and/or related areas. Postdocs will be strongly encouraged to apply for their own funding as part of the research training in the lab. Currently funded projects for postdoctoral researchers focus on the effect of age on mitochondrial function after spinal cord injury. Additional projects are examining male: female differences after spinal cord injury and the role of inflammation in spinal cord injury pain. Prospective postdoctoral scientists should email gensel.1@uky.edu and attach: 1) a synopsis of their current research interests and how these complement the ongoing work in N.E.R.O. and 2) a current CV with names of three references. 

Undergraduate Researchers  (limited availability)

Please email gensel.1@uky.edu if you are interested in undergraduate research. There are a number of fellowship opportunities available for gaining summer research experience. These include the STEMCats, Physiology Scholars, Bucks for Brains, IES Brain Research programs among others. Many independent study programs provide a means to get research experience during the school year. We have a small number of undergraduate research opportunities each semester that fill up quickly. The Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Kentucky is a great resource for UK students.